How it works

We love music and want to help musicians like you

Building a career in music can be difficult to achieve. There's just no easy way of success. It takes a lot of hard work, a knowledge of the right tools, a desire to connect with the right people and good slice of luck!

Entireti Music Reviews hopes to give musicians more exposure to potential fans and industry experts by providing honest feedback on their music. We enjoy hearing new music and take pleasure in writing about it.

The process

  • First you need to decide which type of music you want reviewing - either a single track or an entire album / EP.
  • Then choose how long you want the review to be.
  • Next, you need to fill in details about yourself and your music, followed by making payment, simply and securely.
  • We'll listen to the track thoroughly, make notes, listen again, make more notes, listen again, then write a review.
  • Finally, we'll send your review by email within a couple of days.

See some example reviews