"Sizzlingly hot electric guitar track with sublime rolling bass line and powerful percussion, this track is massive and deserves attention."

"Upbeat ambient dance track with strong percussive elements and trance sounds. It's a shimmering electronic track that ebbs and flows over a simple bass line. It is fast-paced, it is beautiful and and it is melodic.
Using synths and pads to shift melody and rhythm round and send the listener spiralling into outer space. It's such a luxurious track, glorious and dynamic. The lyrics are simple and direct, biting into their subject matter at every turn. Vocally, the track is subtle but interesting. There are some darker moments but the majority is chilled and peacefully upbeat. One to watch."

"A feel-good vocal melody drifts over a cool bass line. This dream-like track uses gorgeous delicate harmonies to soothe the listener, evolving beautifully and fluidly, drawing you into the main hook time and time again."

"A dark and foreboding track that doesn't hold prisoners. It wants revenge. It is sinister and horrific. A distorted guitar compliments a harsh drum sound, then incomes a high pitched floaty melody vocal line to offset the rhythm. Coarse and confident.
It's modern rock crossed with influences of early rhythm and blues. Powerful and serious. I've not heard anything like this for a long time and look forward to the follow up."